Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Tool & Die Making - DTDM (3+1 Year)

This course offers a modern approach in training and is designed to equip under graduates with the skills appropriate to the needs of professional technicians and engineers in a technology driven environment. The course is conducted with the objective of equipping the trainees to grasp the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience in operations of different machines including hi-tech machinery and tool & die production.

Diploma in Manufacturing Technology- DMT (3year)

Close tolerance parts are necessary for aerospace, automobile sector and hi-tech manufacturing industry. These industries require highly skilled machinists, supervisory personnel, etc. to work on cutting edge machines to produce highly critical components for strategic applications. This course is designated so that the trainees get the required skill set on the latest CAD-CAM software and the knowledge of programming and operation of sophisticated manufacturing machines. The course is in high demand by manufacturing industries.




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